VC05_B10 – Questions



The objective of this activity is to gain experience in ways to understand other photographers’ work.


The Activity:


Develop a series of interview questions that could be asked of a photographer to extend your understanding of a photograph or body of work. Do not just limit yourself to the technical aspects of the photographs, but also include questions that will give you an understanding of the messages and meaning behind the work and whether the photographer has managed to achieve this. Think about the process from the first ideas through to the final image or exhibition and the response from the photographer’s peers and public. Also consider the photographers own self-reflection. The questions should invoke extensive answers, not one word yes or no. This way you will gain a real understanding of another photographer’s work and the reasons for creating it. Avoid brief questions such as: “what camera did you use?” or “Do you like it?”, such questions give little real insight into the work or the photographer’s ideas, motivations, influences, methods etc.



Post a minimum of 6 questions on your blog.

Well, this is awkward.  Difficult.  Challenging.

One thing I hate about asking questions of someone is that I am sure they have heard them all before (I interview a few celebrities in my other life as a sci fi nerd).

So, rather than approach this from the viewpoint of interviewing a particular photographer.. I will just ask some questions that I have always wanted answered – by any photographer that I admire (and there are so many)

1.   Which do you prefer, money or accolades?? ie: would you take photos if you didn’t make money, but won awards for your images???

2. How do you decide if someone who approaches you is worth mentoring??

3. When did you feel comfortable to start charging for your services??

4. What is your favourite photographing memory (one memory of a time taking photos that stands out for you)??

5.  What was the best piece of advice another photographer ever gave you??

6.  How do you decide whether to take on a client or not????


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