Assessment task 1 – Process Diary

Investigate 10 of the 48 supplied inventions/photographers as they relate to their role in the history of photography and the visual communication of ideas.

In each case you need to establish the order of when these inventions/photographers either worked or occurred (earliest first).

You wll need to include for each chosen invention/photographer:

  • If a photographer: dates, genre, media, themes, movement, importance of their owrk and sample images (1-3 images per photographer)
  • Inventions: dates, country, importance, influence (1-2 images)

My selections are:


Electronic Flash


August Sander

Imogen Cunningham

Paul Strand

Rennie Ellis

Bettina Rheims

iPhone camera (I  choose to interpret this as phone cameras over 5mp)

Andre Kertez.

When I made my choices I did not refer to any websites or other publications, I deliberately left off some names that I was familiar with, in an attempt to learn about those that I was not.  Naturally,  there are some names/inventions that I have had prior knowledge of, it is almost impossible not to, so I chose those because an understanding of them truly interested me.

Among the sources I propose to use in my search are

The internet – while this is an obvious choice, it won’t be my only choice, as there are so many beautifully printed books available.  Using the internet, will, however, enable me to source these publications quickly and easily

Photographer websites/blogs – a subsection of the internet true, but a dedicated source of how inventions and historical figures in photography have inspired modern photographers

Photography magazines – there are many magazines dedicated to photography, and several of these run features, not only on the changes being wrought by technology, but also the changes that came before.

CATC Library – my main source for many of the books on historical figures.  I do hope that the lovely librarian doesn’t get sick of my face.. I may have to bribe her with cookies.

I plan to approach this assignment in a linear way, by finding the earliest invention/photographer and then the latest, and slotting the rest in on the resulting timeline.  Hopefully that will enable me to understand how earlier methods and people influenced those who came later, even those who became historical figures themselves.


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