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So, today’s class involved creating a blog.. yep, I have been dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

Not only one blog, but separate blogs for each subject – way to make Carol feel uncomfortable!

Assignment one, find three other creative blogs, and write about them – oh great, none of the amazing creative people I admire have blogs, their blogophobes, just like me… time to go poking around the interwebs.. on a Mac even!  How my life has changed this week..

Ooh.. lookie what I found – check out this image, captured from http://viwphotodesign.myfotojournal.com/

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 9.22.50 AM
The colour, the perspective, the composition.. love it.. and not just this quick capture, the entire post has me reading avidly.  and scrolling back through her archives.

Nice easy blog to navigate, not that I am terribly experienced at that sort of thing, I love the clean lines.. I really am a ‘simple’ person when it comes to the look and feel of something.. if it has too many bells and whistles, well, I just switch off.

Drat, not enough time in class, but I will be following from now on.. onto find the next one.

Googling (how quickly did that become a verb?!) I find a landscape photographer who looks promising .. her blog is run off her website, so it takes me a few clicks to actually get to it, as she has changed platforms a few times.. not much fun for me, but I think that the images are worth it.  Check out this one

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 9.41.54 AM

Notice how I absolutely suck at screen capture, well, at least it can only get better .. can’t it??  Not only is that an amazing tree, that draws me in to looking at all the detail, but the light on it is superb, and I am instantly jealous.

This is a much better blog in terms of balance between words and pictures, but a little heavy on the product reviews.. makes me feel that maybe she is getting paid for them.   Still, I spend quite a bit of time searching through this one, but not sure yet if I will follow her or not.. and after all, there is a third blog to be found for this assignment.

Suddenly, a name that I know flashes past me on the google list.. I did my first ever “know your DSLR” course with Angie way back in my Olympus days, so she gets third bite at my cherry.


Another blog that is run off the website, easy to find, fast to load, and like me, nice and clean, very simple lines, and although the blog has a slightly different set out to the website, both feel great to poke around in, the balance of words and images is great, and I   like her marketing technique of sprinkling in links to the courses that she runs, makes it much easier to navigate and is a smart business move.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 9.52.08 AM

Yep, I still suck at screen captures, I notice that Angie has gone with the current trendy ‘matte’ look to her pictures, and as she is a working photographer, I can’t blame her, but I do miss the rich, clean edit style she had when I first met her 7 years ago.  Her style still pulls me in though, and I have decided to start following her again.  Not sure how we lost touch.

Here ends my first blog post – it didn’t hurt as much as getting my wisdom teeth out, and I learnt a bit along the way – there just might be hope for me yet.


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